athletesnotes“I’ve been scared to let myself heal for years now, and I’m finally getting the chance. I think there are probably a lot of guys in the same boat, and I had no idea the paperwork would be so easy. The Rider Relief Fund has relieved tremendous pressure”. Justin Koon


“Wanted to say a big Thank You to Rider Relief Fund staff and volunteers who make RRF possible. They came through for me with my arm injury when I needed it most and now I am able to get back on the trail comfortably because of their help. It is very much appreciated! Thanks again from Amanda and I! Heading to Denver now”!! Cody Campbell


“This past August I had my mid section stepped on while riding in Canby, OR. As a result of being stepped on I ruptured my pancreas and had to have a section of it removed. This required me to stay in the hospital for 5 days and be house ridden for around a month. I got online and downloaded the Rider Relief application and filled it out. A short time later I got a reply that Rider Relief would be sending me 6-$1000.00 installments. I greatly appreciated this and it helped immensely on getting me back on my feet and back down the road! I just want to give a big Thank You to the Rider Relief Fund for all they do for the sport of bull riding and to everyone involved”! Colt Conley


“It’s hard to imagine in this day and age that there are a group of people that out of generosity and kindness, take countless hours out of their own lives to raise money for injured PBR athletes and in return receive nothing but the thanks we give them. I am glad that people like this do exist in the form of the board of directors and all of the volunteers that make up the Rider Relief Fund.

To the entire RRF board and the volunteers, I say thank you for all that you do and all that you’ve done for me. To Clay Learned, who went above and beyond – I can’t thank you enough. I also have to give a big thank you to Maryann Kelly, who was a tremendous help and a pleasure to deal with.

For those of us who have used the RRF, appreciate it and for those who have not, learn to appreciate it because one day you will be thankful for the RRF”.

I would just like to say how much I appreciate all the people who work for the Rider Relief Fund and all those involved. Thank you so much for the help during my recovery. I would definitely be in a much worse situation without it. Darrell Diefenbach


Thank you very much, Ned Cross


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